YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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"The future of Forms is only just beginning!"

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The new Java deployment for Oracle® Forms / Reports applications

So you're looking to deploy your Oracle applications to cellphones, mobiles and other hand held devices? To browsers other than Internet Explorer? With no need for plugins and programs resident on the client?

And the last thing your IT budget needs just now is a costly - not to mention hazardous - software rewrite or migration project.

The answer ...

We at Quintessence have completely rewritten Oracle's original Forms, Reports and PL/SQL® software in 100% JEE6 Enterprise Java. So your applications deploy directly to your browser of choice using plain HTML and JavaScript - including browsers on mobiles, cellphones and other hand-held devices!

Release 1.0 supports support Forms / Reports versions 6i to 11g - accurately reproducing the original appearance and functionality.

Our YoServer suite comprises four lightweight, enterprise-class products:

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Quintessence Systems

Founded in 1998, Quintessence Systems Ltd is based in Oxford, England.

Our mission is to modernize the Forms / Reports / PL/SQL software platform - giving new life to your trusted, mission critical applications.

We originated as a specialist in automated software migration, perceiving Oracle's commitment to Java as a major opportunity to migrate entire Oracle applications to the Java language using our in2j technology

But then we realised that most users would prefer to keep their original systems running - but on a new software platform that deploys over the internet to all compliant browsers including those on mobiles / cellphones / other hand-held devices.

That's why we moved our focus to deployment with our YoServer product suite - a complete new software environment to run, maintain, extend and originate Forms / Reports / PL/SQL applications.

Now we are completing the software development process and preparing to bring our products to market during 2013.

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