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in2j - the technology

in2j is the name of Quintessence's core technology - a set of Java® libraries that emulates Oracle® Forms, Reports and PL/SQL® code, in Java.

As such in2j is at the heart of our new YoServer suite of products - powering the interpreter that renders Forms / Reports / PL/SQL applications 'on the fly' and allows those applications to run on any Java platform.


First developed as an automated migration technology for Oracle PL/SQL code, in line with Oracle's commitment to Java as the language of the future, in2j was subsequently extended to provide:

The technology has been driven forward over a 12-year period during which it has migrated many millions of lines of PL/SQL and and thousands of Forms / Reports.

While analysing real-world Forms applications in2j has encountered hundreds of poorly documented and undocumented features and every time the class libraries have been expanded to include full support for all those features.


So although YoServer is a new product suite, the in2j technology that drives it incorporates years of experience and acquired knowledge of the relevant Oracle technologies and their features - documented or otherwise - making it the perfect engine for YoForms, YoDeveloper and YoReports

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