YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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This is not an offer for shares in Quintessence Systems Ltd (QSL) nor an inducement to invest. Any prospective investor in QSL should make their own diligent inquiries regarding the Company, its history, its products, its prospects and the market in which it operates. While we always aim to tell the truth, we cannot guarantee the unfailing veracity of all statements made on this website, nor that it is always up to date in every particular. QSL accepts no liability in respect of anything stated on this website, including any forward looking statements or expectations it may express. It is up to any investor to conduct a full process of due diligence and take expert independent financial advice before any investment is made.


Founded in 1998, Quintessence Systems Ltd is a private UK company based in Oxford, England. Key facts for investors and prospective investors include:

Investment requirement

QSL expects to complete the demonstration whose release is scheduled for August 2013 using its existing resources. However it may wish to raise additional finance to complete the journey to Release 1.0 of YoForms / YoDeveloper / YoReports. The precise scale of investment required has yet to be assessed.

Any prospective investor is invited to register their interest with us via the Contact Page.

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