YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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"The future of Forms is only just beginning!"

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Smart, fast, intuitive

Create, debug and maintain Forms / Reports applications in your browser

YoDeveloper is designed to support the creation and maintenance of Forms / Reports applications for use with YoForms, YoReports and Yo/SQL, our own compiler / runtime for PL/SQL code. Implemented in JEE6 Enterprise Java, it renders to your browser in pure HTML and Javascript - including browsers on mobiles / cellphones!

It also includes features not present in Oracle's Developer Suite such as:


Projected future dates in italics.

Become our Partner!

We are looking for Partners with Forms / Reports applications who are willing to participate in our beta testing and development program. Partners will:

If you would like to participate as a Partner, please contact us now.

Oracle developer tools - background

The developer tools for Forms were pretty hot when they came out back in the mid-1980s. Users could quickly build powerful, complex applications - applications which are still running many thousands of major enterprises and their key business processes today.

Now over 20 years have gone by - and the core technologies that underlie Developer Suite (Forms) and Forms Builder have barely changed. That's mainly because the tools were written in C++ - making the software near-impossible to maintain or extend.

Oracle's main response has been to enable plugins that extend the available capabilities. But they are unable to overcome the software's underlying weaknesses, for example as regards debugging.

So, Oracle's developer tools still do the job. But YoDeveloper allows you to hugely accelerate the creation, debugging and maintenance of your Forms, Reports and PL/SQL applications and propel them into the future!

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