YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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"The future of Forms is only just beginning!"

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The future of Forms ...

Access your Forms applications on your mobile / cellphone ...

YoForms is an independent lightweight software platform for Oracle® Forms. It deploys your applications over the internet into your browser as pure HTML and Javascript - with no need for plugins or installed programs. So it supports any device with a reasonably up to date browser including mobiles, smartphones, pads, etc.

Written in 100% JEE6 Enterprise Java®, YoForms runs and renders your Forms applications just the way you're used to - but with the potential for new features to be added by popular demand. And it's tightly integrated with our YoReports and YoDeveloper and Yo/SQL - our own compiler / runtime for PL/SQL code.

YoForms 1.0 works with all Forms releases from Forms 6i to 11g. Support for Forms 2, 2.3, 3, 4.5 and 5 applications will be added in future releases. So using YoForms you can:

The flexible, resilient JEE6 architecture means that your applications:


Projected future dates in italics.

Become our Partner!

We are looking for Partners with Forms / Reports applications who are willing to participate in our beta testing and development program. Partners will:

If you would like to participate as a Partner, please contact us now.

Forms background

Introduced in 1988, Forms 6 was an excellent graphical re-implementation of Oracle's earlier Forms offerings: the text-based Forms 3, and Forms 4.5, which offered limited graphical features. Users loved it ... and developed vast numbers of sophisticated applications, many of which continue to perform essential management functions today.

Forms 6i and earlier versions ran in client-server mode. But Forms 9i, released in 2001, supported deployment over the internet - so users no longer had to use their Forms applications over secure local networks. Yet it also had downsides. For example, it

Many users chose to update their applications to Forms 9i. Some chose not to. And others updated some, but not all of their applications - running Forms 6i (and sometimes Forms 3 / 4.5) applications and Forms 9i applications side by side.

When Oracle dropped support for Forms 6i in 2008, users faced an uncomfortable choice: run unsupported software, or migrate to Forms 9 - whether they wanted to or not.

Subsequent releases - Forms 10g and 11g - offer few benefits to users. The underlying reason for this is that the core Forms engine is written in C++, making it very difficult for Oracle, even with the best of intentions, to maintain or extend its product.

There has been some confusion over the future of Forms. In the past Oracle has indicated that all new systems should be implemented in ADF Faces and has encouraged Forms users to rewrite their applications using alternative technologies - such as ADF Faces, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Apex (Application Express).

But now Oracle has recognised that "the future of Forms is Forms", a very welcome commitment! Now with YoForms we aim to give Forms application a whole new lease of life!

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