YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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Our Partners

Quintessence Systems' partners currently include: (listed in alphabetical order)

2nd Quadrant

2nd Quadrant (UK)

"Experts in database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, the enterprise-class open source database."


Abocraft (Germany)

"Specialists in the maintenance, upgrade, migration and optimised deployment of Oracle Forms applications, with widespread expertise across the IT sector for small and medium sized companies."


Asistir (Colombia)

"Offering Oracle consultancy, applications development, migration services, project management, bespoke installations and licencing solutions in Colombia and beyond."


Datadec (Spain)

"Offering secure, 24/7 technology infrastructure, enterprise applications and connectivity solutions to organisations large and small, delivered on the cloud on an SaaS basis with zero upfront investment cost."

Etqan Group

Fairtec (Austria)

"Software vendor and consultancy with specific expertise in Oracle Forms / Reports development / upgrade / extension with Java integration."

Gopler Ltd

Gopler (Bulgaria)

"Specialists in Oracle Enterprise software development, migration, modernization and deployment, serving public and private sector clients across the Balkan Peninsula."

Horizon Services

Horizon IT Consulting Services (UK)

"Delivering expert Oracle & Microsoft enterprise technology consultancy to IT management, outsourcers and independent software vendors; experts in Agile development, application platform optimization, and cost reduction strategies."

Jumbo Contracting

Jumbo Contracting (UK)

"Europe's most trusted resource for professional Oracle consultants / contractors and permanent staff recruitment, and advisors on Oracle support, products and licensing solutions."

LongBridge Consulting

LongBridge Consulting (Australia / Malaysia / Papua New Guinea)

"Providing our clients with a wide offering of Best in Class services, and technology solutions and innovations that are characterized by good quality, reduced time to market, and assured cost effectiveness and delivery."

LongBridge Consulting

RockSoft (Estonia)

"With our long experience in Oracle technologies, we provide consultancy in database / applications design, implemention, installation, migration, development and administration, backed by world-class customer support and training."

THOT Corporation

THOT Corporation (USA)

"THOT is a software company specializing in business-application software. THOT's market-leading Rx:Home software supports the pharmacy, nursing, and reimbursement functions of organizations providing home-based therapies."

UXC Engineering Solutions

UXC Engineering Solutions (Australia and New Zealand)

"Delivering operational technology services such as System Integration, BAU / Support, Project Delivery and Business Support to the utilities, resources and telecommunications industries, governmental bodies and other organisations across Australia and New Zealand."

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Seeking partners ...

Quintessence Systems is seeking partners to:

All partners should be in a position to provide the assistance and enthusiasm of IT staff, and feedback on the operation of applications under YoServer. We also ask for the right to reference a successful deployment. In return, we can offer the discounted or free deployment of YoServer products to support applications used under the partnership program, and a share of licence / support revenues arising from forward sales.

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