YoForms, YoDeveloper, Yo/SQL demo to go live to partners in August 2013.
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Reports everywhere!

Generate reports on your mobile / cellphone!

YoReports is a fast, lightweight platform for Oracle® Reports applications designed for deployment to mobiles, cellphones and other hand-held devices.

It's written in 100% JEE6 Enterprise Java® and works through your browser to generate and distribute reports in a choice of formats. And it is designed for tight integration with our YoForms, YoDeveloper and Yo/SQL. So it


A beta version of YoReports is scheduled for release to our development partners in Q3 2013.

Become our Partner!

We are looking for Partners with Forms / Reports applications who are willing to participate in our beta testing and development program. Partners will:

If you would like to participate as a Partner, please contact us now.

Reports background

Reports is a key part of Oracle's fusion middleware, used for retrieving information from the database and presenting it in a wide range of possible formats.

Although there are numerous superior reporting tools, many people continue to use Oracle Reports because it integrates with Forms, and users often have reports embedded within Forms applications which they have no desire to re-write for another reporting package.

However Reports users are frustrated at:

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